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COLONIE NEW YORK Flower Delivery


Frank Gallo Florist provides local same-day and express flower delivery service to our customers in Colonie, NY. The drive from our flower shop to downtown Colonie is 6.1 miles and takes our delivery staff approximately 11 minutes. For customers in Colonie who need to send flowers outside of the area or state, we provide a nationwide same-day delivery service. Every bouquet we design and deliver comes with our on-time delivery guarantee. Each arrangement is also backed by our 100% customer satisfaction guarantee.

Colonie New York is a town in Albany County, New York, United States. It is the most populous municipality in the county and ranks third in population among all municipalities in Upstate New York (behind Buffalo and Rochester). The name "Colonie" is a Dutch word meaning "settlement", reflecting its original nature as a hamlet within the Town of Watervliet. Colonie is home to the Albany International Airport and was where the first commercial airline flight took place. The town was named after the Colonial Governor of New York, George Clinton.

Colonie is located on a plateau north of Albany, between the Hudson and Mohawk Rivers. The town has a total area of 16 square miles (41 km2), of which 0.02% is water (1.36 acres). Interstate 87 crosses through the western part of Colonie, with access from Exits 7-12 along NY Route 5 North & South and Interstate 87 North. NY Route 155 runs through the middle of Colonie as Central Avenue; US Route 9 runs parallel to NY Route 155 as Lark Street; US Route 20A terminates at Exit 12B from I-87.


Same-Day Delivery Service To These Colonie Zip Codes

12203, 12205 



With a population of approximately 52,000 people, Colonie is home to the College of Saint Rose and Albany Medical Center. It has two public elementary schools: Harker's Ridge Elementary School and Eastridge Elementary School. The town also has two middle schools: Fox Meadow Middle School and Westmere Middle School. There are no high schools within the borders of Colonie, but there are several private ones nearby including Shaker High School in Latham and Bishop Maginn High School in Colonie Manor.

The city was named after Philip Schuyler, who served as the first Secretary of War for the United States under George Washington. Colonie is located about 25 miles north of Albany, which makes it one of the most populated towns in the state.

The town sits on a large amount of land that extends into both Albany and Schenectady Counties. It borders the cities of Troy, Saratoga Springs, and Guilderland as well as other towns like Altamont, New Scotland, and Niskayuna.

Colonie's economy is driven by several major industries, including healthcare services; education; professional services (accounting firms, lawyers); retail stores; restaurants; and technology companies (e-commerce).


Farm-Fresh Flowers

Frank Gallo Florist offers the best selection of beautiful, farm-fresh flowers in Colonie, NY. Some of the gorgeous blooms we sell are sourced locally. Other flowers we sell are purchased directly from the growers and wholesalers. We are large enough that we can buy from both domestic and international farms. That gives our customers a huge advantage. Buying direct allows us to reduce the time between when the flowers are cut at the farm, and when they arrive here at the floral design center for use in creating gorgeous bouquets. Working with fresher products ensures our customers get to enjoy the bouquets longer. Purchasing direct also means we can reduce the price to acquire the flowers. We share much of that cost savings directly with our customers. 

There's nothing quite like the look and feel of fresh flowers in your home. The beautiful colors and textures make them an ideal way to bring nature indoors and make any room more welcoming. Farm-fresh flowers are grown on family farms that have been operating for generations. They're often planted by hand and nurtured by people who have worked on that farm for years. Those flowers are then picked by hand and packaged with care. When they arrive here at our flower shop, our team unboxes them, provides them with nutrition, then properly prepares them for use in creating the stunning bouquets we offer. 

100% Customer Satisfaction Guarantee

Frank Gallo Florist offers a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee with every floral bouquet that we design and deliver. If for any reason you don't absolutely love the fresh flower bouquet that we have created and delivered, just contact one of our floral design centers. We will replace that bouquet with one of equal or greater value. We will redeliver the new flower arrangement on the date you select, absolutely free of charge. 



Frank Gallo Florist offers the best selection of fresh cut flowers in Colonie. 

Dahlias - are a type of flower that is particularly known for its large and varied color palette. Additionally, they are known for their long-lasting blooms, which can be up to two weeks and provide a stunning addition to any garden.

Dahlias are unique compared to other flowers because they can be grown from seeds or cuttings—a feature that makes them especially easy to grow in the home garden. They can also be grown from bulbs, which means you don't have to wait until springtime to get started! If you're looking for an easy way to add beautiful colors and textures to your garden space, then dahlias might be exactly what you need!

There are many different types of dahlias available today, each with its own unique characteristics and uses. These include:

  • Cactus Dahlias: A variation on traditional dahlia varieties that have been bred to have stiffer stems and stronger roots so they can withstand drier conditions better than others; they tend to bloom later in the year than other varieties but produce large blooms with showy colors such as orange or reds
  • Grandiflora Dahlias: These are smaller flowers than other types with fewer petals, but they tend to last longer and produce a more intense color than other types; these are often used as cut flowers because they're easier to transport without losing their shape than other varieties

Full Bloom Hydrangea - are flowers that are comprised of clusters of small blossoms. Hydrangea come in a variety of colors, but most often they are blue, pink, or white. Unlike other flowers, hydrangea do not have a stem and grow from the ground. This makes them very easy to arrange in bouquets and centerpieces!

Frank Gallo Florist uses hydrangea in floral designs for many different occasions. They can be used for birthdays and weddings, but they also work well as centerpieces for an anniversary party or baby shower. Hydrangea are very popular because they are easy to work with and add a pop of color to any style table design.

Hydrangea is a beautiful flower that is perfect for your wedding, anniversary, or birthday. It's one of our favorite flowers because it has so many uses. It can be used as table centerpieces or used in bouquets and boutonnieres. Hydrangea also looks great when paired with other flowers such as roses and gerberas.

In addition to looking great, hydrangea also has a lot of health benefits. It can improve your skin tone and help with acne by cleaning out your pores. Hydrangea also contains antioxidants that fight free radicals in your body which lead to cancer and heart disease. Hydrangea is also known to help lower blood pressure as well as lower cholesterol levels!

We love designing floral arrangements with hydrangea because they have so many different colors and textures! We love pairing them with soft pink roses or white lilies for an elegant look that anyone would love!

Peonies - A peony is a flower that comes in many colors, including pink, white and red. Peonies have a bulbous root that is covered in a brown skin, with several leaves growing from the top of it. The leaves are very large and thick, and they usually have a serrated edge.

A peony's petals are divided into several parts that look like small flowers themselves. The petals are often very colorful—they can be bright red or light pink, or even purple or yellow. The center of the flower has many stamens (the male part) surrounding an ovary (the female part).

Peonies are very fragrant when they're blooming; they smell like honey! They also have very long stems so they can be used as table centerpieces at weddings or other events where you need tall arrangements to fit in specific spaces. 

At Frank Gallo Florist, we offer all types of arrangements made with peonies as an option for customers who want something special for their event or occasion. 


Sympathy Flower Same-Day Delivery Service

If you're looking for a way to express your condolences in a way that's both meaningful and timely, we can help. Our same-day sympathy flower delivery service is available from any of our locations. We offer same-day sympathy and funeral flower delivery to churches, funeral homes, and mortuaries. We also offer personal deliveries for people who are grieving the loss of a loved one. We understand how important it is to send your condolences as soon as possible after someone has lost a loved one, so we make sure that every order is handled with care. Our expert florists will personally handle all arrangements so that you can rest assured knowing that your gift will be delivered promptly—and with love.



We provide same-day and express flower delivery service to schools in Colonie, New York. Our team of delivery professionals has years of experience delivering to schools in the area. They know the best times to delivery, and the correct process to complete delivery to the school. 

There are a number of public schools in Colonie New York. The city's public school district was ranked fifth in the state by Great Schools and has been recognized as one of the top 100 districts in America by Newsweek magazine.

  • Colonie Central High School, which has an enrollment of 2,500 students and offers an array of sports and clubs. Colonie Central High School is the top ranked school in the state of New York.
  • Colonie Central Middle School, which has an enrollment of 1,000 students and is known for its robotics program.
  • Colonie Elementary School Districts #1-4, which offer programs for preschool through 5th grade students.

Colonie is also home to several private schools that serve students from pre-kindergarten through high school. Some of these include St. Thomas Aquinas Academy, Albany Christian Academy, and Village Christian Upper School.